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Thanks To Our Fathers

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

We didn't plan to do a book tour around Easter. We didn't even consider the connections, not at first.

Easter is all about transformation, reconciliation, and resurrection. American Leftovers, our travel adventure and coming-of-age story, has already made differences in our own hearts and family. And it's gone beyond that.

One Amazon reviewer says, "This story grabs your heart and tugs in every way possible! It compels you to question yourself and your own history, your own religious life vs your spiritual life, belief vs dogma. It portrays the courage, resilience, faith, and deep love of family, but even more than that, the love of our Heavenly Father for his children, especially through all their doubts, questions, struggles, and mistakes."

Here in early April, we have reached the halfway point of our American Leftover booksignings. We've seen hundreds of friends, relatives, and readers in Washington, Oregon, and California. Ahead, lie Utah, Colorado, and Texas. Already, we've faced old abusers, formed new friendships, and seen relationships healed.

You know, much of this wouldn't have happened if not for the love and vulnerability of a father.

Our own dad, specifically.

He was parented in a generation that often buried family secrets, withheld affection, and functioned in constant shame. He didn't want that legacy to pass on down to us.

"I never thought I'd be the villain of a book," he said. "Still, you need to tell your story."

Yes, our dad made his mistakes. It wasn't always an easy journey for any of us. But he has have never been the villain to us. He's been human. We see him as Dad, even Daddy.

And here, decades later, we love him more than ever.

Why do we believe in the powerful love and resurrection life of Easter?

Because we are still seeing it through the perfect love of a heavenly Father, and through an earthly father who is learning, changing, and growing each day--right along with each one of us.

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1 opmerking

Mark is a unique guy. I loved his good side. And remember people, everyone has a bad side. There has been one Perfect Person and it isn't you or I.

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