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In 2020, I ran my first writers' retreat within view of Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast. It was a great event over one weekend and I learned as much as anyone else in the process.

In 2021, I conducted my second retreat, this time on Puget Sound, within view of the Seattle Space Needle. We had catered meals while discussing the power of story and metaphor. We even had a few return attendees.

In 2022, I set up a retreat at Sylvia Beach Hotel, an author-themed spot in Newport, Oregon. We had a small but enthusiastic group of writers. It was fun and inspiring. Being with other creatives breathes life into my writing and I enjoy speaking at various writers groups and conferences.

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"Your writers' Retreat was my 'starting' point of living more creatively!"

Laura C.

"Since the Retreat, I've had two Articles published ... I Am Forever Grateful for your InsighT."


"Invaluable ... You have given me a great gift of believing in myself."



Here's the hard part: if you want to get published, you must be open to criticism. Listen, let it settle, then hold onto that which seems accurate.

Writing a book is much like building a house. Don't get discouraged. The foundation may look mediocre, even ugly, but as the work continues you'll see beauty take shape. Some people call it editing. It's the step which turns a cluttered house into a beautiful home.

I love fast-paced stories with memorable characters. I also value research and do my best to get things right. Once this foundation is laid, I feel free to explore life's complexities. I don't set out to shove messages down readers' throats. I write to wrestle with my own fears and doubts.

I do believe in Jesus as savior and friend. This doesn't mean I have it all figured out. In fact, faith gives me freedom to write in all directions. If Jesus is the answer, then there are no questions I'm afraid to face.

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