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From an early age, I wanted to be a writer. I never knew I would become a NY Times bestselling author, with nearly 700,000 books in print in over a dozen languages.

Though I was born in California and raised in Oregon, my more enduring memories began overseas in India, and in eastern Europe where my parents smuggled Bibles during the communist era.

Back in the States, I completed my education. I liked soccer, basketball, chess, and girls. I also loved Jesus, though I grew frustrated with religion and its meager attempts at reaching God. After high school, I traveled in South America, eastern Europe, and Asia.

I returned to live in Los Angeles, where I attended Life Pacific University and earned a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies. During my junior year, a childhood friend enrolled as a freshman. Within months Carolyn Rose and I were engaged.


Carolyn and I have been married 34 years. We have two grown daughters and two lively grandkids. Carolyn is a singer/songwriter. Two creatives under one roof? We have rough days like anyone else, but we keep holding onto faith, hope, and love.

With 21 completed books, I still have enough story ideas to last a lifetime. I hope to keep writing till my very last breath. May the themes in my stories live on through you who read, and may you who are writers blaze trails beyond anything I ever tried.

I believe Jesus is the Author of Life, and each of us is a letter written not with ink but by God.

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