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My Hardest Book to Write

Some say it's not really work if you love what you do. What do you think?

I have always loved the satisfaction of a job well done. My parents instilled in me the idea I should do my work as unto the Lord, whether I was splitting wood, washing dishes, or doing a college paper. For me, work has never been something to avoid or grit my teeth through, but a way of serving and finding fulfillment.

In 2008, though, I dragged my feet as I faced the challenge of writing my 8th book.

Why was this one so hard?

It had a weak setting, and as they say in real estate: location, location, location.

I was supposed to take a Kendrick Brothers screenplay and turn it into a full-length novel. This one was dear to their hearts, being the first feature film they had ever shot. It was also low-budget, all set in a trailer on a smalltown used-car lot.

Having lived in Europe and Asia as a kid and having traveled in over 40 countries, the setting for this story sounded mind-numbingly boring. The thought of dredging up a full-length novel from this thin script sounded, well, like work.

But I had a deadline, so I got to it.

Everything as unto the Lord, right?

Instead of giving a physical location center stage, I allowed an antique car and its war-veteran mechanic to step up as major players in the story. Soon, this story of a dishonest salesman coming to terms with his faith, his community, and his son was making me laugh, warming my heart, even bringing me to tears.

I finished on schedule. The Kendricks were happy. Flywheel was a perfect read for my Light readers, and a good reprieve before I dove into writing more Dark stories, specifically the concluding books of my Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy.

I had learned a valuable lesson: My own attitude can create a location, whether parched and arid or rich and fruitful, for the words which pour from my mind and through my fingers.

At that point, Flywheel was as satisfying as any of the previous seven books I had completed.

That sweet little book will always be precious to me.

Eric Wilson

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That’s a great story Eric and lesson. Can’t say I do well with that one. I get bogged down easily and get overwhelmed. Though in my case, perhaps I have a little bit of an excuse. Even though we are Christians, we can still use those, right?

My head always tells me that I am not worth it. I have nothing of value, and no one wants to hear it, so I might as well keep my mouth shut. So this makes it very hard for me to get out there and tell my story.

But I tend to do it anyway. Sometimes anyhow. I have been trying to write a book for many years now. I started off good…

Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson
Aug 15, 2022
Replying to

I'm impressed that you completed a book, Phillip. Most people only talk about it or maybe write 50 pages. You actually wrote one! Don't give up. The publishing world moves slowly. It took me four years to write my first book. A book I finished last year won't be in stores until 2024. There's alway hope.

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