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Welcome ... I Write for You

Updated: May 14, 2022

Writing a book is a job. And an adventure. It's a self-imposed exile into the imagination. And a dance full of twists, dips, and turns for my readers. I write for you. Which means I work, explore, self-exile, and join in life's dance all because of you. You have a role to play as well. You engage with my characters, choosing to love or hate them. Maybe you think Aramis Black is a bad-ass, but Asgoth and Lord Natira are scary, evil dudes. Maybe you relate to Natalie Flynn. Or to Gina Lazarescu. You might even have a literary crush on Josee Walker. You walk through the settings in my stories. You wrestle with the themes. You stumble through my sometimes clunky info-dumps. I am getting better, I hope. Thank you for visiting my website, Thanks for buying, borrowing, downloading, and stealing my books. Thanks for being a part of my story. Without you, my 20 books and 2,000,000 published words are just dust in the wind. You make it real. You bring these words to life.

Eric Wilson

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